Brinkley Family Genealogy

Robert Alexander Brinkley (back-left)
David Tulle Brinkley (back-right)
Arthur Plato Brinkley (front-left)
James Walter Brinkley (front-right)


The website contains genealogical information on Brinkley and several inter-related families. This site hopes to foster the sharing of information about the Brinkley and related surnames. I'm particularly interested in my line of Western North Carolina Brinkleys which include William Brinkley->John Brinkley Sr.->Alexander Brinkley->Hiram Lindsey Brinkley.
I'm also interested in the surnames of Bost, Smith, Shoaf, Banner, and Gillespie.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Rev. Alexander Brinkley

My great-great-grandfather. He married Anna Maria SHOAF.

feature 2 Samuel Griffith Brinkley

My great-granduncle. He married Buenavista Victoria (Vista) STREET.

feature 3 J. Henry Brinkley

My granduncle. He married Mary Catherine KOONTZ.

feature 4 Dr. John Romulus Brinkley

The great goat-gland doctor. My second cousin, twice removed.

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